Bestsellers in Georgia


Everyone Dies in This Novel

The Sun, The Moon and The Wheat Field

The Chewing Dawns: Sugar Free

Flight from The USSR

Oh, Life

Sulakauri Publishing Rights Guide

Sulakauri Publishing was established in 1999. After years of a hard work and dedication, it gained success and today stands as a leading publishing house of the country. Sulakauri Publishing is known for producing books for all ages and of almost all kinds: fiction and non-fiction, documentary, biography, graphic novel, comic books, books for children and young adults, educational books, culinary and wine books.

Works of some of the great minds and big names of the contemporary Georgian literature, who have received different national or international awards over the years, were published first by Sulakauri Publishing. Our list consists of acclaimed authors such as Aka Morchiladze, Ana Kordsaia-Samadashvili, Zaza Burchuladze, Dato Turashvili, Lasha Bugadze, Archil Kikodze and many more.

Sulakauri Publishing actively seeks and supports new names and works on spreading the voice of Georgian literature worldwide.