Page: 179
Dimensions: 13.00 X 19.50 mm

Word: ≈ 30,500
ISBN: 978-9941-37-160-8

Fast, Nightlike

Author: Zura Jishkariani


A cyberpunk novel Fast, Nightlike is an experimental fiction piece. The events in the story take place both in the real and mythical towns.

The future might not differ from the past, even if joints in the future are rolled by the robocops. Other than that, nothing substantial changes: problems, routine relations, suicidal thoughts during violet nights, and a constant battle with the empires of evil. All hope is lost when you imagine this, but “if you don’t fully give up, you won’t fly” – promises the narrator and you realize the book is about a total restart.

What would Descartes be like, if he was born as a digital character?

Who steals video game characters and why is there such a demand for them on the black market?

Is it possible that the world might one day just shut down, just like a TV?

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