Page: 492
Dimensions: 145 X 215 mm

Word: ≈ 115 000
ISBN: 978-9941-37-199-8

In the Name of Georgia

Author: Lasha Bugadze


In the Name of Georgia is a coming-of-age story of the male protagonist and his homeland.

The late 70s and 80s of the 20th century was a pivotal period in all the countries of (at the time) the Soviet Union. The narrator who is also a protagonist tells his life story, as he had to go through childhood and adolescence in parallel with the turbulent events of the “restructuring” Georgia.

The protagonist is a middle school student whose family has been divided not just by separation, but destiny – two dynasties under different sides of Soviet repressions. He grows up through rallies, fights for freedom and independence, collective contemplation, and anticipation of the future. Most of the characters we meet in the story are either historical figures (such as the first president of Georgia, or Stalin’s daughter) or have real-life prototypes from this period of history.

The novel is about disquieting and, in a way, naive times when many things were being decided “in the name of Georgia”. In the end, already a young man, the protagonist, moves to Basel where his father lives. Unused to the quotidian comfort, his behavior seems clumsy and awkward in the new habitat. The opening sequence and finale of the novel raise a question about Georgia’s future place in the world, and a crucial dilemma in the narrator’s life – about leaving and homecoming.

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