Page: 660
Format: 307
 X 195 mm
Word: ≈ 90 000
ISBN: 9789941303012

Woe is Life

Author: Zaira Arsenishvili


The events described by the prominent screen writer unfold in Telavi, a small Georgian town in the 1920-50s. Following the lives of three women, a reader can observe the developments in the history of the country: the lifestyles of the locals, as well as the Georgians of the period in general, their culture and aspirations, global political events and the Soviet terror of the 1930s.


“An unadorned and highly talented rendition of the tragic events that befell Georgia in the 1930s.”

© Tamaz Chiladze (writer)

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Woe is Life – Zaira Arsenishvili’s Book that Took Its Own Time

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