Page: 171
Format: 13.00 X 19.50 mm

Word: ≈ 30,300
ISBN: 978-9941-37-128-8

The Blue Screen of Death

Author: Irakli Machitadze


It all starts “far from the financial or political centers of the planet, in a small Imeretian* village, after a conversation with one strange man.”

We have all seen The Blue Screen of Death, also known as BSoD. BSOD is a notification of an error screen displayed by different operating systems in case of a fatal system error, indicating a system crash. There is only one solution for it – a restart. Something similar happens to the protagonist, who gets entangled in an extraordinary story. The happening will forever change his world views, and his adventure might change the world in the near future.

Imereti – a region in western Georgia.

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