Best Novel of 2019


Page: 332
Dimensions: 135 x 195 mm

Word: ≈ 60 000
ISBN: 9789941239120

Cupid at Kremlin Wall (Cupid Trilogy)

Author: Aka Morchiladze


The Soviet Union, late 1930’s, a retired secret policeman (a.k.a chekist) Mr. Retinger is arrested in Tbilisi and no one knows if he is imprisoned, sent to Siberia, Spain or somewhere else. His wife, a well-known revolutionist and suffragist Musya Eristavi has no other option but to travel directly to Kremlin, Moscow. She sends a telegram to her old friend Joseph Stalin, informing him that she’s on her way to rescue her innocent husband. In his early years Stalin was hiding at Musya’s place and now the kindness must be paid back.
The three-day journey in an isolated train of the isolated Soviet Union is chaotic, full of fear, stress and unexpected relations. Musya is surrounded by agents and we only know that she will definitly reach the Kremlin but from there her fate is unknown.
Cupid at the Kremlin Wall, which is the first book of the forthcoming Cupid Trilogy is a perfect illustration of struggle of a rebelious soul during the Soviet time where even hoping for justice was hopeless. With his master writing, Aka Morchiladze perfectly awakened the past which left a massive legacy in every post-Soviet society.

“Great Novel. A Testament.”
© Indigo Magazine
“Masterclass of awakening the epoch.”
© Beka Adamashvili (writer)
“An unique anti-adventue”
© Archil Kikodze (writer)
“It’s not about the Kremlin, it’s about love. One will find out if she loves herself, her husbend or Stalin”
© Aka Morchiladze