Who Murdered Chaika


Page: 160
Format: 135 x 195 mm
Word: ≈ 23 000
ISBN: 9789941158087

Who Murdered Chaika

Author: Ana Kordzaia-Samadasvhili


Elizabeth is a single yet happy woman who does no harm to anybody. She is surrounded by lots of friends who belong to different minority groups. They surely love each other but one definitely notices that they have nothing in common. Elizabeth enjoys life and wants to dance, travel and just be happy. 

She is a person of free spirit who enjoys breaking stereotypes and Chaika is a symbolic name for such kind of a woman. But suddenly Chaika’s dreams are cut short. She is murdered and her body is found by a little child. The murder shocks the whole district where everybody knows everything except the detective who is investigating the case of an apparent revengeful killing. 

Who was Chaika? Who murdered her? Chaika’s friends have a clue about the murderer but choose to be silent. Two of those friends decide to avenge for the deceased Elizabeth themselves. 

This is a very complicated and intriguing story narrated in a clever and catchy way. 


“It is a very Tbilisian, Georgian story full of sweet, fairy emotions that can be compared to modern Georgian cinema and its mood; a bit poetic, mystical and striking.”
© Georgian Journal

“The central figures of the novel, with all their idiosyncrasies and emotional outbursts, are as lovable as Almodóvar characters.”
© Malkhaz Kharbedia (literary critic)

“Anna managed to create the complete portraits of so many characters in the book. And it is done in such a smart way the reader never tires. That’s one of the main achievements of the novel and admittedly a difficult thing to do.”
© Radio Liberty

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