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Page: 490
Format: 145 X 215 mm

Word: ≈ 55 000
ISBN: 9789941304811

What I Recall and The Way I Recall It

Author: Lana Gogoberidze


The book is a narrative of the author’s life, presenting a detailed account of the writer’s family, the long road her country took to the present day. 

‘You begin writing about your life when you wish to make the others part of your own memories. Plenty of questions pile up at the end of life, while answers get even vaguer than they were in one’s younger days. Apparently, the privilege of old age is the preciseness of questions rather than of answers. 

‘Every life, including the one seemingly unlimited and free in terms of its length and space, is still quite short. You have to walk through it taking the road designated to you – your life, spread out by some mysterious force, chosen by you but unbeknown to you, inexplicable in its essence. However, you are gripped with the desire to solve it, that’s why you try to understand it, delve deeper, discover something that is significant not only to you, to unravel the eternal mystery of your existence. 

‘That’s when you begin to write…’