The secret keeper's belt


Page: 344
Format: 135 x 195 mm

Word: ≈ 60 000
ISBN: 9789941238864

The Secret Keepers’s Belt

Author: Aka Morchiladze


Since time immemorial there had been a secret keeper at the royal court of Santa Esperanza. He wore a belt in the secret pockets of which the king’s documents and letters were kept safe. However, the belt of the last secret keeper contained not papers but costly jewels that had allegedly been stolen from Georgia. The belt is kept in a monastery on Santa Esperanza from where, one summer, it is stolen. But the thieves fail in their attempt to take the belt out of the country. 


“A pure crash of the unknown and real worlds. But the thing is that the irreal world in this novel is more real than the Georgia itself.”
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