mayakovski theatre


Page: 136
Format: 135 x 195 mm
Word: ≈ 20 000
ISBN: 9789941237287

The Mayakovski Theatre

Author: Tsotne Tskhvediani


What if you live in a very small town of Baghdati, with a population of only 5000 people, which is always called Mayakovski, because Vladimir Mayakovski was born there? 

Tuta thinks that it’s not a town but a ghetto from where you need to escape, because one day you’ll become tired of struggling for independence and freedom. But escaping fails every time as public interests overrule his personal ones, so Tuta tries to somehow change the reality of his hometown. He wants to be a kind of enlightener and starts fighting against local politicians who run the town. But the oligarch arranges an armed assault against Tuta’s followers and during the incident, Tuta’s father is imprisoned and sentenced to death. Tuta contemplates suicide but he can’t find the strength to do it. 

Half-dead and half-alive, he goes beyond control and becomes an unbearable problem even for his closest people. His brother tries to help him commit suicide and plans to make everything seem artistic, romantic and glaring. 


“The Mayakovsky Theatre is a magnificent textual performance readers must attend”
© Paata Shamugia (poet, literary critic)

“While we thought that we had read everything, Tskhvediani introduced new themes in Georgian fiction about people of whom we had only heard the rumors, who are cast away from our centralized society, who are swimming against the flow but play the locomotive role in the whole country’s life.”
© Dato Turashvili (novelist)

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