Page: 248
Format: 145 x 215 mm
Word: ≈ 50 000
ISBN: 9789941234675

The Adventures of Piccolo

Author: Archil Sulakauri


If you think that ladybirds and fireflies have no shepherds, I’m afraid you’re mistaken. Piccolo is a little shepherd of ladybirds and he can play the flute beautifully too. One day he loses all his ladybirds and starts looking for them. Night falls while Piccolo is searching and he comes across Camellia, a little shepherdess of fireflies who helps him find the lost ladybirds. Piccolo wants to do her a favor in return and when Camellia tells him that she’s never seen the sunrise, Piccolo promises that for once he will take her to see the sunrise. But this never happens, as the spies of Lilliputia kidnap Camellia, because the lazybones Prince Putty wants to play with her. When Piccolo finds out about it, he decides to find his new friend. And a very dangerous adventure starts. 

The Adventures of Piccolo by Archil Sulakauri is one of the best children’s fictions ever written in Georgia, which teaches us the power of friendship and what a beautiful and impressive things love and kindness can do. 

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