Page: 454
Format: 120 x 180 mm
Words: 57 600
ISBN: 9789941374081

Sonata for a String Quartet

Author: Koka Kamushadze


Sonata for a String Quartet is a postmodernist take on the famous 12th century Georgian epic poem – The Knight in the Panther’s Skin. The novel has everything that attracts the reader in the original epos: the great love, unconditional friendship and extraordinary adventures.

An old friend unexpectedly contacts Sandro and asks to meet him. This call becomes a threshold between storylines. On one side of this line, protagonists are entangled into adventures, epic love and heroic friendship stories; and on the other side, we see what happens after the happy end. Can a person remain a role model in this day and age? Can one love unconditionally and selflessly support a friend?

The novel is a multilayered tale of chivalry and fate, where the readers will find answers to these questions.