Once Upon a Time


Page: 156
Format: 135 x 195 mm
Word: ≈ 24 000
ISBN: 9789941233289

Once Upon a Time

Author: Dato Turashvili


Once Upon a Time is a story about the Georgian preparation for independence from the Soviet Union, narrated by a student who took part in it. The narrative style is very personal, filled with irony and nostalgia. Everything in this book is a history that actually happened, yet it seems like fiction. In Georgia of 1987-1991, life itself was akin to a romantic book with the scent of revolution in the air. 

No historian could tell those old stories in a way that D. Turashvili does because we meet ordinary people and read stories which create a full image of that age and atmosphere. It is the reason the readers can see things as if they were present while the history was in the making. Once Upon a Time is a great book about freedom, independence, war and student life, but it also touches upon envy, contradiction and indolence – traits that were grotesquely displayed in the Georgian society as soon as it gained its independence.