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Page: 190
Format: 230 x 300 mm

ISBN: 9789941303005

Mosaics of Soviet Period in Georgia

Author: Nini Palavandishvili


Mosaics of the Soviet Period in Georgia is the very first collection of mosaic artworks created during late 1960s and the 1980s in the Soviet Republic of Georgia. The publication covers the selection of monumental-decorative mosaics to show the diversity of motives, materials, techniques and variety of their placement. Some of them are in a pitiable condition, several – already destroyed. Many of them are facing the threat of destruction and obliteration. Unfortunately, we cannot talk about political will in a broader sense, any deliberation from the professional community, or a significant public interest in conserving them. That’s why the publication is an aspiration to bring the topic to wider audience, put them in historical and cultural context, show their beauty and importance, and hopefully lead to their preserving and maintenance, which also plays role in rethinking the Soviet history of Georgia.