Lizard on the Gravestone - Archil Kikodze


Page: 183
Format: 13.50 X 19.50

Word: ~31 882
ISBN: 978-9941-30-833-8

Lizard on the Gravestone

Author: Archil Kikodze


The main subject of Archil Kikodze’s latest novel, A Lizard on a Grave Stone, is memory. The narrator is endowed with an astounding memory and can recall things that other people try to forget. He constantly tries to recall the past with a woman he loved, by whom he has a child now aged twelve, and who repeatedly refuses to marry him. Memory is like a burden which you have to carry alone, because memory is individual, selective. The narrator refuses to forget his childhood traumas, his adolescent disillusionments, sufferings, and thus makes his own existence almost unbearable.

One of the main themes of the book is a society which has been left deprived of values. It is an epoch when old values are losing their meaning, when there is no replacement by new values, as though the country has been left suspended in the air, a country whose children don’t know where they should head for. The book’s theme is Georgian, but the action takes place all over the world, beginning in Berlin and ending in a little village in the Caucasus.

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