Page: 188
Format: 135 x 195 mm

Word: ≈ 28 000
ISBN: 9789941238833

Journey to Karabakh

Author: Aka Morchiladze


The book neither tells the story of a conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia, nor represents a travel diary. It is narrated by young George who accompanies his friend to the Karabakh conflict zone on a dangerous quest to procure cheap drugs. He is taken prisoner first by the Azeris and afterwards by the Armenians. 

But does the protagonist strive to really escape from his captivity? Experiencing constant pressure at home, from his family and relatives, the former prisoner of the Georgian social order does not regret coming to the strange place, in the middle of a war, surrounded by armed forces. Since the end of the Georgian civil war, para-military groups constantly roamed the streets of Tbilisi. For George there is nothing left to go back to, except his father who is on the brink of becoming a drunkard, and a pregnant girlfriend, who is rejected by his family due to her humble background. 

What is freedom after all? Can it be perceived as a process, as a feeling? Or maybe as neither? Throughout the novel the question of freedom and captivity is the main concern of the young man who is, finally, able to escape. 


“What Morchiladze’s novel has probably set in the minds of its readers is the idea of the Caucasus region as a space of political and cultural absurdity.”
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