Invisible Game


Page: 180
Word: ~22 000
Format: 13.50 X 19.50
ISBN: 9789941309304

Invisible Game

Author: Mari Bekauri


An already established writer, named Mesh and a debutant writer, Sofia Gilga visit the same publishing house in a same period of time. They have never met and have no knowledge of each other. Editor discovers that a peculiarity, a mysterious twist has taken a place, as Sofia’s life develops in exact same details as it was told in Mesh’s unpublished book.
Publisher and editor try to find out, how is it possible that one person’s fiction can become another person’s reality? What is the connection between two writers?
What kind of invisible game are the characters playing?
“The universe is ruled by tens, hundreds, and thousands of systems, in which humans play their part. The ones who understand there’s a game to play are better players than those, who don’t even realise it’s a game…”