Hideout - Elene Japaridze


Page: 140
Format: 120 X 180 mm

Word: 18 000
ISBN: 978-9941-30-731-7


Author: Elene Japaridze


The short novel Hideout is Elene Japaridze’s debut in fiction.

The story of Aniko and her family begins in 1992 when the 8-year old girl leaves her war-stricken home town in Abkhazia with her mother and younger brother and embarks on a perilous journey to safety. Her life is full of pain, fear, injustice, love and great hope. And all the while, crossing the Chuberi pass isn’t the hardest experience she is to have. Aniko encounters more difficult and painful challenges: leaving her homeland, adapting to living in a foreign country, fighting to establish herself and care for her family. She also meets her true love, the unexpected feeling that turns her orderly life upside down.

Her positive outlook and strong spirit help her to stay optimistic even when everything seems hopeless. But will she be able to free herself from the ghost haunting her from the past? Will she be able not to hide into herself and face the reality after unbearable disappointment? An extraordinary twist awaits one at the end of the novel.