Page: 182
Format: 145 x 215 mm
Word: ≈ 15 000
ISBN: 9789941154829

Riders of the Wild West

Georgian trick riders in the American Wild West Shows Riders

Author: Irakli Makharadze


In the 1893, Georgian horsemen immigrated to the United States – where for more than 30 years – they performed at circuses and Wild West shows under the billing of “Russian Cossack.” The connection between Buffalo Bill Cody and the Georgian trick riders represents one of the earliest connections between Georgia and Western World. Alongside exotic, wild and action stories the book presents the original letters the Georgian horsemen – coming from poor village families and farms – wrote and sent to their parents. This is the story of the men who came in search of financial support for their families in Georgia and, without knowing it, influenced an essential fixture of American culture.