Page: 264
Format: 160 x 230 mm

Word: ≈ 40 000
ISBN: 9789941157905

Georgian Notebooks

Author: Aka Morchiladze


Fifteen chapters with a graphic account of the 19th century Tbilisi present the place and period which Aka Morchiladze revels in, knowing it inside out and indeed in which he would live if he had a choice. It is a colorful time: the time when the first opera house is built, Shakespeare is translated; the first Georgian-language newspapers are published. The book ends with the Red Army invading Georgia, the surrender of Tbilisi and the uprising. 

This is not a factual narrative with dates and sources: the author chats to us, using association and telling us about what seems noteworthy and important to him and what has left an impression on him because, ultimately, nothing is important unless it leaves a trace forever in our hearts.