Pages: 164
Format: 130 x 195 mm

Words: 25 000
ISBN: 9789941373657

Bon Voyage, Petro!

Author: Elene Japaridze


The novel revolves between two timelines and centers the plot around civil and political unrest in the 90s Tbilisi, when the self-proclaimed militia and violent groups rummaged neighborhoods. This is a story of painful love, friendship, unlimited power of the dream.

Fates of Tini and Petro are destined to interlink: their past and present, their traumas and desires. Tini’s son is admitted to the hospital and she is left alone to deal with the matter. Grandchildren of a characteristic French grandma, Petro and his twin sister Paola had to face cruelty and havoc of the 90s civil war and its aftermath alone, without any support system.

Scarred with past traumas, Tini and Petro are driven to each other. The fate wreathes their lives together and preys their future as well.