Special Prize for the best reflection on the Soviet and Post-Soviet period in Georgian Literature.


Page: 190
Format: 190 x 240 mm

Word: 29 531
ISBN: 978-9941-23-934-2

Blues by the River

Author: Bidzina Makashvili


When the blues and rock music made their appearance, there was virtually no country left in the world that didn’t feel their influence in one or another way. The Soviet Union was no exception: beyond the Iron Curtain the rock music had a shock-like effect. The music associated with freedom was eyed with suspicion by the authorities that relied on restrictions, but the young Soviet generation of the country was drawn to it with twofold interest, something that would later be passed down to the young people of newly independent societies. 

In his book Bidzina Makashvili, a well-known rock music journalist, follows the history of the Soviet rock. He presents his eyewitness account of the development, chronologically tracing the events that promoted rock music, as well as his own experience while working for the newspaper 7 Days. Sometimes his interests and exploits left the limits of his immediate duties, which are reflected in the book narrating about the effect the joyful music had on the otherwise sorrowful epoch, from the 1960s to the end of the 20th century. 

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