Page: 160
Format: 135 x 195 mm
Word: ≈ 24 000
ISBN: 9789941230455


Author: Ekaterine Togonidze


The American conjoined twins are the archetypes of the main characters, Lina and Diana, who are isolated from the society by their grandmother, and are being told there is nothing for them beyond their confines. The twins are ashamed of their body and both endlessly question the reason they were born. But the answer remains hidden and they are even unable to decide whether they are two people or just one. Or should that be one-and-a half? 

In a parallel storyline, Professor Rostom Morchiladze is asked by the mortuary to identify a body. He thinks that there has been a mistake because he didn’t even know he had children – the mother of the twins died after giving birth and hadn’t told him anything of her pregnancy. After their grandmother’s death there is a danger of the girls dying of hunger as a result of their isolation. But soon a flood destroys their house and Lina and Diana become the unwilling ‘stars’ of the TV news as the only survivors of the natural catastrophe. 


“Togonidze skillfully shows the fact that disabled people are virtually hidden – in the street scene they simply do not exist – that makes them the starting point of the narrative, on the one hand introspective, but on the other hand also authorial.”
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