Grandma, Ray and America


Page: 124
Format: 110 x 170 mm
Word: ≈ 13 000
ISBN: 9789941156663

Grandma, Ray and America

Author: Mari Bekauri


What do you leave your husband, home, your parents, your country for? What is that feeling when you definitely have to leave and see everything that a very faraway, surreal country has to offer? How much of a risk can a young girl take just to see what her favorite music used to tell her about? Is it worth it? Can you survive all alone in a huge, foreign land?

Can you forget everything you were taught in childhood? Would you want to forget everything? And which is stronger: the roots your homeland ave you, the wings of exploring, or the whiskey you drank in the bar?

Mariam Bekauri’s debut novel Grandma, Ray and America speaks about the biggest dilemma of a generation: analyzing, experiencing and surviving though ideals, expectations and most importantly, traditions which are so hard to abandon.