Page: 198
Format: 135 x 195 mm
Word: ≈ 25 000
ISBN: 9789941150906


Author: Zaza Burchuladze


The Tourist Breakfast is the latest novel by Zaza Burchuladze, an acclaimed and scandalous Georgian writer. In the novel with a concept design (its moleskin cover and the Borjgali symbol, make it look like a post-Soviet Georgian passport), Z. Burchuladze talks from the viewpoint of an immigrant who still has a strong connection with his ‘horrifying’ homeland but feels emotionally very distant to it. 

The author himself is the main character of the book with his daughter Alice-Chihiro, who carries dead pigeons in Berlin streets and throws them into trash bins. The Tourist Breakfast is a text free from experiments we were used to in Z. Burchuladze’s other books. It reads like non-fiction but one cannot really define whether the story is real or invented. 

The Tourist Breakfast tells about a man, a woman and a newborn looking for a home. 


“A Great, high-speed novel”
© Rolling Stones

“Outstanding! This book is tactless, vulgar, impudent, and at the same time intelligent.”
© Rezensöhnchen

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German World Aufbau Verlag
English World Dalkey Archive Press
Czech World Dobrovsky
Russian World Ad Marganiem
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