zura mchedlishvili

Zura Mchedlishvili

Zura Mchedlishvili (b. 1988), a Georgian artist, painter, print-maker, illustrator & graphic designer, lives and works in Tbilisi, Georgia. He graduated from Tbilisi State Academy of Arts (BA in easel graphic) and enrolled at Jackob Nikoladze’s Art collage IDAAF painting. Before he entered into the wonderful mystical painting world he was a driver at Kepler-452b, 1400 light-years away from earth. Then he returned to earth and started painting. Despite he’s working in many artistic fields he still wishes to have enough time to pursue all of the creative areas he’s passionate about: Web, Packaging and Icon Designs, Canvas Painting, Printmaking, Etching, Woodcut, Lino-cut, etc.


Mote about him at www.zuramchedlishvili.com