Page: 402
Format: 130 x 195 mm
Words: 70 000
ISBN: 9789941375071

The Tangier Dream

Author: Mikheil Tsikhelashvili


Summer in Morocco. Two retired musicians meet in Tangier’s famous Café Baba. One is a Georgian tourist, the other is an American emigrant. Sparks flying between them catch the attention of the writer sitting in the corner, who, deprived of love, is working on his debut novel. The writer decides to turn these two characters into the protagonists of his novel. While he tries to tame those two in his own story, he continues correspondence with his publisher.

The two soul-searching millennials, Rezi and Synthia, are now spending the boiling August days together in the North of Africa. Chemistry and feelings between them convert into endless, earnest and at times silly dialogues; nonstop listening to music; and passionate sex.

In the metafiction narrative, the writer who follows the couple around tries to make it a love story. But is it one?

In this novel, it is up to a reader to decide.