Page: 222
Format: 340 x 220 mm
Illustration: B/W
Cover: Hard

ISBN: 9789941303159

The Knight in the Panther’s Skin

Author of Illustrations: David Matchavariani


The Knight in the Panther’s Skin – Graphic Novel is based on the eponymous 12th century epic poem written by Shota Rustaveli, the masterpiece of the Georgian Renaissance.  

It tells about a young knight who, with the help of his noble friends, fights to rescue his beloved princess captured by Kadji magicians in a high castle. 

The subjects it covers are: Equality, Love, Friendship, Dedication, and Compassion. Besides the story itself, hundreds of perfectly hand-made illustrated panels with several shades of black are the strong value of this book. 

The text is linked with the design of the comic bubbles as they reflect the characters’ vibes and are partially presented in its original 12th century verses. 

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