Chewing Dawns: Sugar Free


Page: 192
Format: 135 x 195 mm
Word: ≈ 30 000
ISBN: 9789941239328

The Chewing Dawns: Sugar Free

Author: Zura Jishkariani


Set in apocalyptic Tbilisi, Georgia, it tells a story of a Second Coming (Parousia) of the awaited Messiah. But as everything is designed in codes and algorithms, a terrible bug shifts the process of Coming into the digital world. While the government tries to mobilize a group of priests and soldiers for military actions, young junkies venture to travel into the digital world to save the Messiah. 

The debut novel by Zura Jishkariani turned out to be one of the main novelties of Georgian literature in the 21st century. In Chewing Dawns: Sugar Free we see the touch of cyberpunk for the first time ever in Georgian literature. What’s more, the author dives into the medieval Georgian poetry and mixes its linguistic elements with modern-day junkie slang. Ultimately, he develops a new literary language which reflects the centuries-long tradition of Georgian literature and at the same time is brand new and unforgettable. 

Chewing Dawns: Sugar Free is part of a duology and will be followed by Detective Mistake. The book was published in three different editions, resembling different flavors of the chewing gum. 


“I can’t say how this fellow came up out of nowhere; came up with his own voice and language. Technically say talent, intuition and wish is not enough to write book like this and represent your writing scope. This book is unique not only for Georgia but for the whole world.”
© Zaza Burchuladze (writer)

“This is a scream full of ambiguous hopes, exactly how it should be from the Ghetto.”
© INDIGO Magazine

“In this book the narrator speaks from the Ghetto in subaltern language; Jishkariani tells the enigmatic non-TV news which presents the typical Georgian post-apocaliptic fearful text.”
© Paata Shamugia (poet, literary critic)