Child’s Bite on Persimmon in the Month of October


Page: 245
Format: 135 x 195 mm
Word: ≈ 45 000
ISBN: 9789941151293

Child’s Bite on Persimmon in the Month of October

Author: Zurab Lezhava


Short stories written by Zurab Lezhava are illustrations of the dark sides of human beings. In them people do illogical and inadequate things. In these stories you meet the dance teacher who breaks into a neighbor’s house to have a better bath, a poor man who needs money and sets out to sell his old fridge but discovers that sex with the ugliest woman on earth is a more acceptable price for him. Georgian readers and critics often remark that such prose had never been written in Georgia before.


“Lezhava opened a new breath for Georgian short story.”
© TABULA Magazine

“This is serious literature with serious themes done in very unserious and unexpected forms.”
© Radio Liberty

“In Lezhava’s filter the reality transforms in a alternative way, not like we see it everyday. He puts magic, demon, phantasmagoria next to the naturalistic reality and that’s why his reality is so interesting”
© Zaza Burchuladze (writer)

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