Page: 168
Format: 145 x 215 mm

ISBN: 978-9941-23-700-3

Marsia the Longnose Witch

Author: Tamri Phkhakadze


On a rainy day his royal highness the king Plumpbelly passed by the home of Marsia Longnose the witch. Marsia invited the King inside, but the clumsy witch forgot the wording of how to dry the King who was drenched and… 

Since that day no one had ever seen the King in the fortress. 

And since then really spectacular and unbelievable things started to occur both in the woods and in the fortress. Everyone was in search of the lost King: viziers and ministers, guards and prophets, cooks and barbers, counselors, fan-bearers, the chief secret-keepers and all kinds of masters…