Page: 628
Format: 130 x 195 mm
Words: 116 000
ISBN: 9789941373961

Lumpen Millennium

Author: Beso Solomanashvili


In 1921, after the Soviet occupation of Georgia, Bolsheviks targeted and exterminated nearly entire families. The novel is the saga of these families, whose houses the Soviet State later granted to the people with “distinction” for different deeds committed in the name of the regime.

The head of the traditional Georgian family Kaikhosro Small Kharjakhishvili and his eldest sons become victims of the repressions. The remaining family members try to survive in the regime.

The novel reveals atrocities of the Soviet system and explores their effect on human state and relationships. Over the course of several decades, these stories turned into the grotesque absurd over time. This calamitous heritage still haunts Georgia to the day. This book tells about the usurpation of not just Georgian territories, but human minds as well; it tells how the Power used gaslighting, the key component of colonialism, to weaken and rule the masses. Lumpen Millennium is an attempt to reflect on the last century and even the last millennium.