Page: 246
Format: 135 x 195 mm
Word: ≈ 45 000
ISBN: 9789941159398


Author: Lasha Bugadze


“There is no sex in the Soviet Union” – the phrase became extremely popular in the USSR after a young woman said it during the US-USSR TV bridge show. Sex was a ‘closed’ issue, and the attitude has been adopted in the Post-Soviet period with inertia. 

The protagonist of the novel is Sandro, a representative of the 1990s generation. He is a married Don Juan who puts a lot of effort and enthusiasm into compensating for the years devoid of sex. He very much resembles Leporello’s Don Giovanni in that he keeps a list of women with a description of their socio-psychological traits. He has divided women into those who want to get married, those who are fatally stubborn, who prefer to live in the past, those who fail to build their career and those who fall under the category of easy-to-get. 

Sandro’s problems start when Anna appears in his life. She is somewhat similar to him, an aggressive and ambivalent character – his double, in a sense. In her words, in the beginning she treats their affair light-heartedly, but with time she finds herself deeply involved in the neurotic routine of their relationship. 

When Sandro’s wife doubts his fidelity, she hacks her husband’s private email and discovers her archenemy Anna and starts a correspondence with her in Sandro’s name. 


“Ruthless and selfless, satirical and very funny: Bugadze has talent a for the humorous and a sense of the absurd.“
© Der Tagesspiegel

“Lucrecia515 tells about the crisis of relationships between people. The doubles are replacing the humans in relationships.”
© Gogi Gvakharia (writer, art-critic)

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