Page: 328
Format: 135 x 195 mm

Word: 60 000
ISBN: 978-9941-30-720-1

Home You

Author: Ekaterine Togonidze


An earthquake completely shatters Nia’s world. The crack that appeared in her house is a sign that everything she holds dear – her family, relationships and future – is about to be destroyed. Nia is alone and that’s the fate of a lonely warrior, but life gives her another chance by offering her a long-desired role in a film. Together with film shooting starts a new phase in her life, a kind of parallel reality: art as a shelter, as a way of escape. Or possibly the only way of connecting to the reality and finding her own self. 

In this labyrinth the reader travels with the rhythm of Nia’s quickened heartbeat and breathing, but holds onto Ariadne’s thread to get back, hoping to restore the connection with the lost past and, all the way, noticing something even Nia fails to see, which is the truth of the others in her life. 

Home – You is Ekaterine Togonidze’s new novel. She is already well-known for a collection of short stories, Anesthetic and Listen to Me, novels Another Way, Hurricane Margot and Asynchronies. 

Ekaterine Togonidze is a two-time participant of the Berlin Literary Colloquium and received the literary prize SABA. Her works are translated into the English, German, Czech, Russian and Abkhaz languages. 


“… I have rarely read a book written with such a compassion. From the very first pages the reader is able to grasp that the author loves humans. For Ekaterine Togonidze, literature is the way of encouraging people and being by their side, especially when, for reasons and reasons, they are in a great pain.”

© Guram Odisharia (Writer; Book Critic)

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