Page: 255
Format: 130 x 135 mm

Word: ≈ 39 000
ISBN: 9789941304668

Getting Back

Author: Mikheil Johan


Khatia is like a song by the Doors ‘You are Lost Little Girl’, because she’d been wandering for long, looking for home and now she’s coming back. But where is home? Probably each and every one of us have been in her shoes, trying to find a place to belong. Mental battles between generations seem to be an eternal problem, especially with the loss of the communication with the people of different intellectual capacities and from varying growing-up backgrounds. 

The debut novel by Mikheil Johan tells a story of ordinary people from one very typical Tbilisi family, where three generations live together and understanding one another turns to be a real issue. The author has his own formidable style of writing: by using everyday language he develops a story depicting modern Georgian reality complete with its problems. 

The characters find themselves reunited during a mass demonstrations taking place on the main avenue, protesting the late night’s raid by the Special Forces of the most famous Georgian night club Bassiani. The book is unique for the way it depicts people with personal traumas and gives a bigger picture of people sharing the same misery alongside the unfolding of important events.