Page: 513
Format: 170 X 240 mm
Words: 130 400
ISBN: 9789941374289

Ferris Wheel

Author: Guram Panjikidze


The novel by the hone of the most forward-thinking Georgian authors of the 20th century, Guram Panjikidze was first published in the 90s.

Ferris Wheel is the saga of Gordeli family, following four generations over the course of five decades: from Stalin’s Great Purge to the beginning of the collapse of the Soviet Union. The author reflects on historic events: the Soviet repressions of the 1937; shooting of the protesters in Tbilisi after Stalin’s death, followed by Khrushchev’s imperious visit in Georgia; explosion attack on Khrushchev plotted by Georgians; war in Afghanistan, and other atrocities.

The novel describes complex realities that people have to face, it shows how Soviet terror and Stalinism hinder their personalities and viewpoints. The tragedy of a survivor of totalitarianism is that they become deranged by fear, and might have a more tragic fate than those who were punished in Gulags.