Page: 750
Format: 145 x 215 mm
Word: ≈ 200 000
ISBN: 9789941004087

Data Tutashkhia

Author: Chabua Amiredjibi


Chabua Amiredjibi’s magnum opus and an undisputed classic of Georgian literature. 

The novel tells the story of an outlaw Data Tutashkhia at the time of the tsars. It combines thriller elements with Dostoyevskian themes of personal fate and national identity. Above all, though, it defends the right to personal freedom and critical expression in the face of a repressive political system. The story is told by Count Segedy, a retired Russian-Hungarian chief of the Caucasian gendarme, interspersed with accounts from other people who have come across the outlaw Tutashkhia, who is a serious headache for the Tsarist police, ditching all attempts of capture for years. It so happens that the gendarme chief, Mushni Zarandia is Data’s cousin – outwardly his spitting image but at the same time his lifelong opponent. It is a tale of two cousins, both almost identically blessed with the same physical and intellectual traits, but travelling two morally different paths. While Data drops out of society in his youth – he shoots a Russian officer in a duel and escapes punishment by fleeing into the mountains, Mushni rises rapidly through the ranks of officialdom. 

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