Page: 200
Format: 130 x 195 mm

Word: ≈ 24 500
ISBN: 9789941304842


Author: Misha Bakhsoliani


Storyline develops in the 90s portraying the withdrawal of Georgia from Soviet Union in blood and tears. Crucial episode it has been for Georgia, because losing Abkhazia, the western part of Georgia still remains under the Russian occupation until the present day. 

Cannibaliad is a story of an Abkhaz family trying to leave the conflict zone and find shelter in the capital. This very sensitive fragment from history is given in a very particular, dramatic and emotional narrative. As the family settles in Tbilisi, characters start to adopt bizarre and alien behavior. They open the restaurant and serve customers with human flesh. 

What the writer has mastered so well is that when you read it, you don’t find it strange or alien, but somehow you even understand the characters and the reason why they are what they are and how the environment has played a crucial role in turning them into cannibals.