zura jishkariani

Zura Jishkariani

Writer, Musician, multimedia artist, chat-bot designer and a self-proclaimed mayor of Sokhumi, Abkhazian city he was born in, now occupied by Russia. After the military conflict he lived in Georgian seaside ghettos under the refugee status.

In the early 2000s Jishkariani gave up studying sociology in university and launched several music projects. Later he founded a local art-guild “Eurasian Laboratory”, a union of young poets and performers.

Among his most successful projects is Georgian chat-bot “Cyber-Galaktion” which is a linguistic simulation of the most prominent Georgian poet Galaktion Tabidze.

As he believes that chat-bots are the future of storytelling, Zura Jishkariani is actively involved in their personality design process. He is interested in how sadness, trust, joy and other emotions in people are created by algorithms and logical codes.

In his fictional and non-fictional texts  Zura Jishkariani reflects on the middle-age Georgian poetry and hagiography mixed with the current junkie slang, advertising slogans. With this linguistic innovation he stands as an unique voice in contemporary Georgian literature.