Mikheil Johan

Born in 1992.

Mikheil Johan has studied History and Criticism of Fine Arts at Tbilisi State University and has graduated Masters of Culture Management from Ilia State University. He is deeply carried away by arts, literature, music and cinematography, which have massively influenced on his work.

Amongst the vast number of the writers who he is fond of there are several who have had a major impact on his writing, such as: Aka Morchiladze,  Michel Houellebecq, Jose Saramago, Albert Camus and John Steinbeck.

Johan writes about ordinary people, who suffer from consequences of choices they had or hadn’t made. He writes about life, the way it can be – messy, tragic, sad and suffocating, when there is nowhere to run. He is interested in dialogues which never existed and had led the characters to misunderstanding.