Page: 280
Dimensions: 145 x 215 mm
Word: ≈ 57 000
ISBN: 9789941152962


Author: Zaza Tvaradze


Critics regard Words as one of the most important examples of Georgian post-modernism, in which the existence of ordinary people in Georgia over the last decades is portrayed to perfection. Two friends, Zaza (a psychology student) and Levan (working in the theatre as a literary consultant and studying to be a director) establish an “office of bliss” where the “bliss experts” can provide everything that gives utter bliss. Their third friend, Guja, chooses a fairly traditional form of bliss, a beautiful young girl. But the main hero of the work, to everyone’s surprise, doesn’t choose any drug or other intoxicating (bliss-giving) substance: he chooses a jewel casket which contains living words. Levan reacts to these words with childish fear, in case they escape from the casket. But for Levan and Zaza, from now on, every word takes on a face, a smell, a body.

“A proper symbol of the 90s Georgia. One of the best and unusual novels of Georgian literature.” Radio Liberty