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Author: Ana Saldadze


Wherever vine grows, its path is closely intertwined with that of men. Men make wine; poets sing its merits; kings and fools alike celebrate the wisdom it bestows upon them. In many Mediterranean cultures planting vines is equated with coming-to-age, with becoming someone.

On the southern slopes of the Caucasus Mountains, on the current territory of Georgia, archaeological findings have confirmed that men have been making wine as early as 6000 years B.C., and at a look of the current Georgian winemaking culture, one can see that the technology has not changed that much. Thanks to that uninterrupted longevity, the world has two winemaking processes: the European way (i.e. in wooden barrels) and the Georgian way (i.e. in buried clay Kvevri). Nowhere else has a culture and history of a nation been so closely linked to that of vine than in Georgia, nowhere else they face so much struggle and challenges to survive. Untamed is an invitation to discover that unique relationship between Georgian people and their wine; to explore the different grape varieties and the joyful philosophy of life of a small nation that has much to offer to the world.

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