Page: 36
Dimensions: 190 x 240 mm

ISBN: 9789941302985

Tsikara – The Crimson Bull

Author: Eka Tabliashvili, Tatia Nadareisvili


One of the oldest and favored Georgian folk tales The Crimson Bull tells a story of a guy and his magical crimson bull and their fight for freedom. The guy has an evil stepmother who is willing him bad, wants to get rid of the guy and his magical crimson bull. But the boy and his devoted friend manage to escape the monstrous stepmother. For the venture they take three things along the way: the mirror, the hairbrush and a grindstone. Those are not just what they really are. In times of need they have the ability to transform into the sea, the forest and a cliff.
A story of fighting for freedom, escaping from what’s hurting and appreciating the true friendship, which always lasts.