Page: 136
Dimensions: 135 x 195 mm

Word: ~ 18 000
ISBN: 978-9941-23-281-7

The Town and The Saints

Author: Tsotne Tskhvediani


The debut short story collection The Town and The Saints by Tsotne Tskhvediani features everyday life of the Georgians living in rural provincial towns. Just like everyone, these characters are waiting to get jobs, dream about being famous, and try to overcome the difficulties around them. But all they face is poverty, mundanity, and despair which brings them to depression. They cannot grasp the wider perspective of their own lives. They do have hope for a better future but that hope is never realized.

One cannot tell exactly whether it is love or hate, sadness or happiness, life or death that appears among the desolation which pervades the town. Each story and its characters are deeply moving, so much so that every reader will be affected and touched and able to envision the kind of lifestyle that survives in abandoned and forgotten towns.