Page: 552
Dimensions: 130 x 195 mm

Word: ≈ 95 000
ISBN: 9789941239250

The Shy Emerald

Author: Aka Morchiladze


For centuries, Kings, Atabegs and Emirs governed Georgia, but never Emperors. In this novel, Emperor Vakhtang VII rules Georgia alongside a black British Empress Kathryn Barkley, who symbolizes something exotic to the Georgians. The Emperor decides to change the names of Georgian cities to demonstrate to the people that he has total control. However, his power is in fact dwindling both throughout Georgia as well as due to his own excesses. This sparks an uprising that spreads across the whole country.
In a parallel storyline, Prince Margalite Abashidze tries to organize a coup against the Emperor to dethrone him. His ally, Priest Porfile becomes the leader of an army by manipulating soldiers with religion. The Emperor senses the start of an uprising, tries to quell strikes and capture Abashidze before it is too late.