Page: 120
Dimensions: 110 x 170 mm
Word: ≈ 15 000
ISBN: 9789941153129

The Children of Nightfall

Author: Ana Kordzaia-Samadashvili


The Children of Nightfall is a love story – not a romantic one but a story about existential loneliness and the fear of never finding love at all. The protagonists are bohemians who have never abandoned their dreams. They may have stopped believing in love, but they still love and are still searching.
Martha and Niko are bound by a special love, even if – because Niko has been living abroad for eight years – they only see each other occasionally. Both are now middle-aged, and both have wounded souls. Martha has a penchant for excess; she tends to exaggerate and talks long and loudly, not only in her sleep. She and Niko engage in verbal sparring matches when he is there and the two of them go out walking with Martha’s dog Almasa, who also has his say from time to time in the book. Niko, sarcastic and quarrelsome, is looking for amorous new adventures in the West. Martha, at home, wants only Niko.

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