Page: 152
Dimensions: 135 x 195 mm
Word: ≈ 18 000
ISBN: 9789941157622

Personal Culinary

Author: Diana Anphimiadi


“Culinary Prose or Literature Culinary? When I was thinking of the title for my new book, a thousand literary terms came into my mind and finally, I rejected them all, because this is a book about personal culinary”, says the author and offers to her reader a book of personal memories, events and people remembered through tastes, smells, colours and senses. The reader can meet with some real personalities, literature characters and well-known people, who only passed briefly in the author’s life but have left an odd taste for a long time. All these memories and events are lended with culinary and with each recipe is unfolded either into a personal story of the author, or a story of her generation, or a story from yesterday’s Georgia. Through the culinary the author, with her extraordinary humor and writing style, brings a perfect smell and taste which might be familiar not only for Georgians but for everybody because after all this is a book about life, humans and love recipes.

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