Page: 260
Dimensions: 135 x 195 mm

Word: ≈ 46 000
ISBN: 9789941155345


Author: Aka Morchiladze


Irakli, a playwright living an urban routine in Tbilisi, suddenly receives a call from his hometown saying that the roof of his ancestral house is damaged and requires a repair. While exploring the damage in the attic of the house he comes across a beautifully crafted flinlock, a family heirloom nicknamed obOlé after a Georgian word for an “orphan” because of a simple reason – the gun cannot fire; but legends say that it saved its owner during the wartime. Day by day Irakli’s long-forgotten childhood memories and the history of his province awakes and he struggles not to be lost between the reality and dreams.
In the meanwhile locals team up with the province police; a noble criminal lady Madone is expected to show up at her father’s burial to mourn her loss. As she will not come alone, shooting is expected.
obOlé is the book of symbols where the author mocks modern-day pseudo-heroism too. While it broadly overviews the culture and customs, attitudes and rituals of the mountanious regions, it keeps the detective storyline on each and every page.

“This is a book from which the portrait of Georgia is re-born. The portrait at the turn where we stand for the last years.”

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