Page: 216
Dimensions: 135 x 195 mm

Word: ~ 35 000
ISBN: 978-9941-23-808-6


Author: Dato Samniashvili


The head of a psychiatric hospital discovers a diary of a dead patient under the code name M13, who tells a story of an ideal universe called MOX.
MOX is a program, moreover a virtual reality, the universe which stands beyond time and space. It is the product of technologies, existing beyond technologies. Its users are in post-human conditions; they refute fear, morals, competition and pain to “human” incentives. Though everyone always has answers to every question, in MOX everything is senseless; moreover, no one is disturbed with this senselessness because just being alive here is enough.
While travelling in the material world, M13 discovers a MOX-bug called Nostalgia. After the discovery the user starts asking questions and it turns out that it is possible to find the answers only in the material world. And the main question is if anyone has ever thought that life, with all its diversity and mystery, is predestined to become a weapon which (for the sake of cognition) will destroy the entire universe.