Page: 114
Dimensions: 135 x 195 mm
Word: ≈ 13 000
ISBN: 9789941239502

Lilos Angeles

Author: Giorgi Kekelidze


Mariam is a Muslim girl from Adjara, the coastal province in Georgia. Grigol, a Christian boy from the western region, falls in love with her. A conflict of their cultures, their vague love, unconscious battles and the naive understanding of freedom create tension, very characteristic of the first years of independent life.

The story happens during the first turbulent years of Georgian independence – ruined school, civil and Patriotic war, hopelessness; every day is full of actions which are akin to self-meditation in the face of the challenges of the new era. In the distant field of vision of the young people is the biggest market in the city, the market full of sneaked fragments of western life – colorful clothes. The market means the Promised Land for the people living in drab provinces. The counterweight of the economic downfalls and political crises is an unusual freedom for the new generation, which seems to be a vague but attractive perspective.

Grigol knows that love might be challenging but dares to admit it. He and Mariam are trying to reach for the door of their imagined, new macrocosmos, Lilo market. But both die in front of the door of the market. It’s not important anymore who was Christian and who was Muslim in the lives they left behind.

“This short novel once again takes us back to gloomy 90s and once again stabs us with it. While the romantic youth and childish dreams warm our bodies the ending freeze us. “
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